Arctic Cool Cooling Technology Review/Give Away

Cooling Technology

Recently I was given the chance to review an Arctic Cool shirt. Arctic Cool makes workout gear made with #HydroFreezeX Technology that whisks away moisture and keeps you cool while you workout. #HydroFreezeX is a cooling technology the wicks away moisture and keeps you cool and dry. The cooling technology starts to work as soon as you start sweating and continues to work the entire time you work out. As long as you are sweating the #HydroFreezeX technology will work to keep you cool and dry. While the main purpose of the shirts is for working out you don’t have to only workout in them you can wear them around the house or out on errands. The shirt that I was given by Arctic Cool is a black v-neck and is extremely comfortable and breathable. It is made out of a polyester/spandex blend but doesn’t feel sticky like most spandex does and is lightweight

Arctic Cool Purpose

Arctic Cool launched back in July of 2016 and is the fastest growing apparel company that incorporates the hydro freeze technology. The company “believes that the power of technology combined with the will of the human spirit can help everyone to train harder, go farther, and reach their maximum potential.” They wanted to give people great apparel that serves as the best of both fabric worlds while at the same time stepping up to a higher plan of apparel science and that is Hydrofreeze.

Personal Experience

As I stated before the #HydroFreezeX technology actually works. As I worked out I could feel the cooling technology start to work as my body temperature rose. I could even feel it working as i just worked around the house. This cooling technology is so innovative and something that I really needed in order to keep going at working out because getting all hot and gross doesn’t make me want to continue to work out, but the Arctic Cool shirt kept my body cool and after my work out left me feeling cool and not as worn out. The Arctic Cool shirt is a shirt that I like to wear even when I’m not working out because it is so comfy and lightweight. The shirt is also flattering. It isn’t too tight, but isn’t too lose either, it fits just right in all the places it should fit.

Shop Arctic Cool

Arctic Cool offers other shirts aside from the black v-neck that I received. The also sell long-sleeved shirts, tank tops, polo shirts, headbands, towels, and shorts all made with the same #HydroFreezeX cooling technology. If you want to buy any of Arctic Cool’s products you can click here to shop their website.


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If you want to read more about the #HydroFreezeX Technology or about how to use Arctic Cool you can read Digital Trends and 10 Ways to Use Arctic Cool.