Raiden’s OOTD

I may be a little biased here but my son is the cutest baby ever! He has the perfect chubby face with his little chubby cheeks and beautiful eyelashes. He is chunky, but not too chunky where he can’t fit into his clothes. I love my son so much and absolutely love to get him all dressed up and looking cute! He is such a joy and a little stinker sometimes,

but it is worth it when I can get videos of him growling and making the cutest noises. 🙂

His OOTD (outfit of the day) today features a Harry Potter onesie and Gryffindor pants. The onsie says “Snuggle this Muggle,” and that is exactly what I want to do whenever he wears this outfit. It perfectly reflects my love for Harry Potter as well as accentuating Raiden’s cuteness.

The outfit is available in different variations on Etsy. The specific one you see Raiden wearing is only $12.00 on the Etsy website. Not featured in Raiden’s picture is the red and gold hat that the outfit comes with. The outfit itself is a little big for him, but the hat it too big causing it not to stay on.

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